Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Discoveries from my trip to the Zoo!

Today I went for a walk at the La Zoo and learned many things about the animal kingdom as well as myself. Here are some of the many revelations I had during my visit:

1) Lions are king of the jungle for a reason
2) It is possible for Turtles to actually look adorable
3) Some animals look like breakfast foods
4) Pavophobia is alive and well
5) Elephants are amazing

Today was the best day to go to the Zoo! It's during the week and no one was there, the weather was cool and all the animals were not only awake but out and about playing. I watched the Giraffes chase each other, Gazelles jump around like bunnies, baby rams butting each others heads and snow leopards pounce each other. It was so fun to sit and watch how different types of animals play. I love my walks at the Zoo! But let's get to these discoveries shall we?

Chapter 1: Lions are King of the Jungle for a Reason
It was dinner time for the Lions today and they made that perfectly clear. They were waiting for their dinner and to show they were not only waiting but were hungry, they did some intense roaring. I've never heard a Lion roar in real life. But I was standing in front of them roaring and I was left speechless. It was the loudest, most intimidating sound I've ever heard. I could feel the vibrations inside of me as the roars echoed off of their dens. After a lengthy roaring session between the two of them, the guy next to me looked at me and said, "Did you just piss yourself too?" It is now very clear to me why Lions are king of the jungle.


Chapter 2: It is actually possible for a Turtle to be adorable.
I wouldn't go so far as to say I "dislike" turtles but I really don't have a fondness for them either. Today this may have changed. I went by the turtles and one in particular kept watching me. I'd move around and it would turn it's head and watch me.. watch him. This continued on for awhile because it was amusing me and I grabbed my camera to take a picture of this turtle. If there were a really cute turtle...this is him!


Chapter 3: Some Animals Look like Breakfast foods
I have no idea what this animal is...I forgot to look to be honest. But am I crazy that I think they look like "Toaster Strudels?" Please tell me you see this too...


Chapter 4: Pavophobia is alive and well
Did you know there is such thing as Pavophobia? Me neither. But I looked it up when I came home and there is actually a fear of peacocks. The peacocks today were roaming the zoo grounds. They are very tame and walk right up to you. I grabbed my camera and took a picture of one as it approached me and after I did, I fear I..well..I may have pissed it off. It came up to me and snipped at my jeans. I was taken aback by it's peck and for the rest of the day as peacocks suddenly jumped out of bushes (okay walked out of bushes) I could almost hear the "jaws" music playing in my head. I was sure that one peacock was going to tell her other peacock friends about the human paparazzi taking pics as they plotted their attack. Yes...I became afraid of a beautiful bird today. But admitting is the first step towards recovery right?


Chapter 5: Elephants are amazing!
I already knew Elephants are amazing but today I was reminded. I watched Billy splash about in the water with his trunk amusing himself and then he went over and picked up this tire with this trunk. He did this with ease like it was as light as a feather. He then placed the tire underneath him and walked along as it rolled underneath him. I have no idea if this is a fun game in the elephant world of if this is a nice massage, but I do know Elephants are amazing...and apparently also need spa treatments:)


Overall I had a great day. It's amazing how every visit is never quite the same. ahhh I love the Zoo!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some Like It Hot!

Tonight I went to a book signing to see Tony Curtis.

Tony Curtis and Marilyn Pictures, Images and Photos

"Some like it hot" is one of my favorite movies and even though every movie I've seen him in has been an "old movie." I somehow didn't know how to expect him to look physically. Everything I've seen him, he was young and handsome...very handsome might I add. And as everyone stood in line waiting for him to come out, questions were asked about what he would look like and how old he is now. (83 and a half is the answer.) We were warned that he would be coming out in a wheel chair, that we could talk to him but to just understand that he is real hard of hearing. One worker even said, "Glad you could be at this signing, it just may be his last." Hearing all this I thought to myself, "uh oh..this is going to be a really sad one." I almost felt myself mentally preparing for it.

But then things turned around unexpectedly and there was no sadness in the room at all. It was gone.
I saw a great turn out of people not only there to see him but truly EXCITED to see him. 65 year old sisters behind me were turning into 13 year old love struck girls talking about having crushes on him and what would they say when they finally got up to him. The lady in front reminisced of skipping school as a child and watching his movies. We talked about his romance with Marilyn Monroe and skimming through the book looking at pictures of Jamie Lee Curtis as a child.

some like it hot Pictures, Images and Photos

Guys down the way were having their own discussions over Spartacus and Houdini.

I talked mainly with 5 ladies, whose ages spread over 40 years and we were all acting like we were at a slumber party talking about our school crush.

But in the back of my head I kept wondering, "How's he holding up?" Finally they brought him out. He looked....well he looked old... I'm not gonna lie. But this didn't hold me too long because I ended up loving him. I hope if I ever get to be 83 years old that I would be sporting a black leather jacket, and a Beatles T-shirt.

When I finally met him he was just so nice and thankful and I asked if I could get my picture with him. This was a little bit awkward because of his wheel chair but I told the camera man, "Just take it where you are." Right as he is about to shoot the pic on three, Tony reaches over and holds my hand and says, "Come closer to me." A startled me ruins the shot by looking over at him and laughing. I felt like a girl on date in a movie theater who had the "yawn stretch" pulled on her. He continued to hold my hand while we talked and I thought to myself, "I'm holding Tony Curtis' hand right now. The one I've watched for years and year...yeah his!

Me and Tony Curtis

Life tends to be sad as we age. We no longer look like we once did, our bodies don't feel like they once did and we often think of that next step in life. But I was inspired tonight by seeing a zest, a youthful vibe and and excitement so thick you could cut it with a knife. And all of this was for talented 83 year old man. I'm glad tonight celebrated him! I didn't leave saying, "Poor Tony Curtis..that was so depressing." I left saying, "That was really fun and truly felt like a celebration of his life.

And shouldn't that be what life is about anyway? Regardless of our ages...


Help, I need somebody...

My friend Diane suggested to me the other day that I start doing my blogs here!  I have to admit I'm a bit overwhelmed.  I'm not exactly sure how to do anything, find my friends, navigate around etc.  I feel like one of these elderly people in retirement homes saying, "I've heard about this internets thing."  Hopefully I'll figure it out more as I start messing around..but wanted to throw out an SOS.  HELP:)